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Success in Court! Setback for Puppy Factories

Puppy factories took a hit in the Kyneton Magistrates Court, Victoria, on February 29, 2012. A $14,000 compensation claim against Patty Mark for ‘breeding losses’, due to Animal Liberation Victoria‘s rescue of three dogs in pitiful condition, was withdrawn. Patty stated to media outside court “The result today was justice for the dogs. We’re pleased the claim for compensation against our activists for rescuing dogs from a puppy factory was withdrawn.”

Patty further stated outside court, ‘this is a good result for rescuers who put their own freedom on the line to liberate dogs in dire circumstances. The public should be aware that if they are buying a puppy online or in a pet store they are almost definitely supporting puppy factories. These dogs we rescued are only three out out of thousands, we are going to keep working to shut down all puppy farms.

The night ALV’s Openrescue team saved Oscar, Waldo and Tillie was like countless other Open Rescues ALV has been doing since 1993. The person ringing about Oscar was in tears after coming across the puppy factory. The ‘owners’ were away on holidays while their shed of caged, heavily matted, sickly and tormented dogs were left to circle endlessly in their dim concrete pens inside a steel shed. A neighbour was occasionally filling the feed bowls.

It was easy to understood why the informant was in tears once the ALV rescuers entered the shed and saw the dogs. Hours later the vet rated the condition of the three dogs we rescued at between 1 to 1.5 out of 5. They were malnourished and underweight, their fur was so matted it had to be later shaved under anaesthetic. All three of the dogs suffered dental disease, ear infections and embedded grass seeds. The vet said in her report, “I was able to clip some of the matted hair on the dogs, revealing prominent rib cages due to the lack of subcutaneous fat covering their ribs…” The team was small so were able to only safely carry out the three dogs. Having to leave the others behind was traumatic for the rescuers, knowing too well that their appeals to the ‘legal authorities’ would be ignored.

The team of three Openrescue activists faced court for trespass and theft on April 11, 2011. ALV founder Patty Mark pleaded guilty with mitigating circumstances to theft of the dogs and was fined $750 but refused to pay the fine due to ethical reasons. A year on and Ms. Mark continues to refuse to pay the fine for removing the sick and neglected dogs then taking them to a vet.

An unwanted dog is killed every four minutes in Australia

The withdrawal of the puppy factory’s compensation claim on February 29 is a step forward in the fight to ban all puppy factories. The industry is based on profit and greed at the expense and exploitation of innocent lives.


Please Adopt or Foster this Little Pup

Rescued PuppyThis little puppy was rescued today from a ghastly situation

His mother is a guard dog neglected by her owner who doesn’t even feed her. As a result she’s been eating her puppies to stay alive! The puppy was the only one left and was saved by two caring individuals who persistently begged the owner to release him to them.

He’s had trauma to the eye, left untreated, and has been taken to the Melbourne Uni Vets in Werribee today to see if his eye can be saved. He will also receive a microchip and be neutered at a later visit.

Despite being through an unimaginable ordeal the little pup has a very calm and friendly temperament and loves being patted and held.

His rescuers are unable to keep him. If you are able to adopt this lovely puppy or be his foster carer please contact us now at

Thank you for your support.

Rescued Puppy


Patty Mark Faces Court Again for Puppy Farm Rescue

Animal Liberation Victoria Founder Patty Mark is in court again tomorrow for the rescue of Oscar, Tillie and Waldo from a puppy factory. All three rescued dogs suffered malnutrition, dental disease, ear infections and matting (they had to be shaved under anaethetic). Patty Mark refused to pay the $750 fine for taking these dogs (she took them straight to a vet.) She’s now back in court on Wednesday when the owner of the puppy factory is seeking $14,000 compensation for the dogs and loss of earnings. You can watch the video of their rescue below and read more on the ALV website.


Queensland Moves to Wipe Out Puppy Farms

The Queensland Government is moving to wipe out puppy farms in the state, saying time is running out for unscrupulous dog farmers.

Regional Economies Minister Tim Mulherin says proposed new registration requirements will eliminate cruel and brutal dog breeders, making it very difficult for them to run inhumane and secluded operations away from scrutiny.

The new system, developed with the help of animal welfare groups, will mean dog breeders must comply with very high standards for canine management, breeding, rearing, health, housing and record-keeping.

Mr Mulherin says every dog will have a micro chip so it can be traced back to the breeder.

“The registration system involves mandatory registration for intensive dog breeders [and] regular monitoring,” he said.

“In addition, all microchips will include the breeder’s information and the dog’s mother’s micro chip number. This will allow authorities to more easily identify puppy farms and trace the origins of the puppies.

“These notorious operations generally have very poor conditions, sometimes with hundreds of dogs, and fail to meet any of the dogs’ behavioural social needs.

“With the proposed new breeder registration system, these unscrupulous puppy farms will be squeezed out of the market.”

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Puppy Farming Banned in Ireland

Fantastic news out of Ireland, puppy farming has banned – with harsh penalties now imposed on anyone who breaks the country’s new laws. Read more. Hopefully Australia will not follow far behind.