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Chained For Years

Country Victorian Dog Rescue

Animal Liberation Victoria is currently working to secure the surrender of badly mistreated dogs from a backyard breeder/hoarder near the NSW border.

Dogs on this property have been chained to the same spot for years, with untreated medical conditions and no access to veterinary care. Two of the dogs have been chained to the same spot for over ten years. Almost all the dogs suffer from some kind of mange, flea allergies and skin lesions. The dogs are left permanently outside in all types of weather. Most of them suffer from respiratory infections from inhaling large amounts of dust. Some have really bad ear infections that are red raw, others have ocular discharge with eyes covered in flies.

Chained to the overturned barrel she calls home

Chained to the overturned barrel he calls home

The dogs have been very poorly bred and have undershot jaws and canine teeth protruding into the hard palate of the mouth. All the dogs were riddled in fleas and probably intestinal worms. Some dogs suffered such bad heat stroke over summer without enough water that they seizured and died. The dogs are not desexed so it is certain that a lot have reproductive issues such as pyrometra, mastitis, tumours and enlarged prostate.

Six dogs have currently been rescued by the ALV Open Rescue teams and we have provided over 40 others still on the property with much needed flea treatment, food and water. The rescued dogs are now undergoing extensive veterinary treatment and one of the females has just given birth. Our rescue teams are returning to the property to negotiate the surrender of more dogs from this sad situation and we need your help. We urgently require experienced foster carers to take in surrendered dogs and help with their rehabilitation, if you are able to foster a medium sized dog, please contact rescue@alv.org.au for a foster care application form. Veterinary costs for these dogs are expected to be extremely high and we would also appreciate any donations to help towards the vet bills.

Dudley on his way to freedom and a new life


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