Please Adopt or Foster this Little Pup

Rescued PuppyThis little puppy was rescued today from a ghastly situation

His mother is a guard dog neglected by her owner who doesn’t even feed her. As a result she’s been eating her puppies to stay alive! The puppy was the only one left and was saved by two caring individuals who persistently begged the owner to release him to them.

He’s had trauma to the eye, left untreated, and has been taken to the Melbourne Uni Vets in Werribee today to see if his eye can be saved. He will also receive a microchip and be neutered at a later visit.

Despite being through an unimaginable ordeal the little pup has a very calm and friendly temperament and loves being patted and held.

His rescuers are unable to keep him. If you are able to adopt this lovely puppy or be his foster carer please contact us now at

Thank you for your support.

Rescued Puppy


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