Queensland Moves to Wipe Out Puppy Farms

The Queensland Government is moving to wipe out puppy farms in the state, saying time is running out for unscrupulous dog farmers.

Regional Economies Minister Tim Mulherin says proposed new registration requirements will eliminate cruel and brutal dog breeders, making it very difficult for them to run inhumane and secluded operations away from scrutiny.

The new system, developed with the help of animal welfare groups, will mean dog breeders must comply with very high standards for canine management, breeding, rearing, health, housing and record-keeping.

Mr Mulherin says every dog will have a micro chip so it can be traced back to the breeder.

“The registration system involves mandatory registration for intensive dog breeders [and] regular monitoring,” he said.

“In addition, all microchips will include the breeder’s information and the dog’s mother’s micro chip number. This will allow authorities to more easily identify puppy farms and trace the origins of the puppies.

“These notorious operations generally have very poor conditions, sometimes with hundreds of dogs, and fail to meet any of the dogs’ behavioural social needs.

“With the proposed new breeder registration system, these unscrupulous puppy farms will be squeezed out of the market.”

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