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13 Dogs Surrendered

Animal Liberation Victoria was requested to help save the lives of a number of small dogs who were all kept in a small suburban house/garden. The dogs were in a state of neglect and needed extensive veterinary treatment. The police and RSPCA had already attended and seized fifteen dogs, others had hidden under the house, many of them deeply traumatised (meet Bo, one of the rescued dogs). ALV visited the property and offered to take the remaining 13 dogs from the resident who obviously had a hoarding illness. The dogs surrendered were typical puppy factory dogs. We were told this person had purchased many of them from pet shops after feeling sorry for them.

You can help these dogs!

Photos of some of the surrendered dogs can be viewed in the puppy prisoners gallery, they all require extensive veterinary treatment including neutering, dental work, flea and worm treatment and one is soon due to give birth. The veterinary costs are mounting and we are very grateful for any donations to help us in the care and rehabilitation of these dogs. Thank you!

Click here to lend your support to: Help give 13 rescued dogs the vet care they desperately need! and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

Puppy Factories, Breeders, Pet Shops, Online Sellers and Markets all profit from the cruel puppy factory industry while the dogs suffer and die. These businesses do not view dogs or their puppies as individuals, nor do they act in the best of interest of these beings. There is no such thing as responsible breeding when millions of unwanted animals are killed in shelters every year. It’s a matter of life and death for our ‘best friends’ – adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group rather than supporting an industry that pumps out more and more puppies while homeless dogs are being killed.

Some of the dogs shortly after they were surrendered to ALV (Photos by Sarah Lynch). You can meet all the dogs in the puppy prisoners gallery


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