Puppy Farms

Animal Liberation Victoria has been working hard for almost twenty years exposing the sad and squalid conditions in puppy factories. Our undercover rescue teams document their torment, despair and suffering then report it to the authorities. We also rescue any dogs in urgent need of veterinary treatment.

One-eyed breeding mother at a puppy farm

Puppy factories are a slave trade in dogs. The parent dogs are bought, sold and/or traded just like human slaves used to be. They are then confined in breeding farms. In Australia thousands of dogs are kept imprisoned for life churning out puppies to supply the pet shop and online industry.

Many puppy farms have between 200-300 female dogs and approximately 50 male dogs. These animal factories employ minimal staff to keep wages down and only feed the dogs once every second day.

Veterinary treatment is rarely provided, as this is another expense. Some of the puppies are retained  to replace the sick, injured or old breeding mother and father dogs. Female dogs come into season at approximately 6 months of age so this is when they start breeding. They are still puppies themselves.  It would be equivalent to young girls getting pregnant at 11 or 12 years of age.

The mother dogs are not rested in between cycles and are kept continually pregnant. The dogs spend their entire lives in small pens, ceaselessly pacing back and forth, the only way of coping with their despair. These intelligent animals are never walked, socialised or given any love; they are simply breeding machines.

The puppies are weaned from their mothers between 4 and 5 weeks and then transported to pet shops to be displayed to the unsuspecting public. Pet shop owners depend on love at first sight because it prompts people to make an impulsive purchase. What the consumer can’t see is the puppy’s mother and father imprisoned miles away. There are also unscrupulous ‘brokers’ who sell factory farmed puppies online with beautiful photos and arrange for you to pick up your puppy from a nice home somewhere – you won’t be seeing the mother or father or the factory the pups really came from.